Thank you for visiting my blog.  This is an online platform for me to share with others my main hobby for the past decade – Collecting Toys. 

The contents of this blog are purely based on my own experience in collecting toys.  They may or may not entirely be relevant to all toy collectors.  Nevertheless, I truly believe that all collectors would share many of the experiences that I had gone through.  I had learnt many valuable lessons and picked up new skills, experienced joys and sorrows, excitement and frustrations, and made many new friends from this hobby.  I hope that my posts and articles will be useful to others who are going to or are already in this hobby.

I am sorting out the sequence and the necessary topics to cover and I will post articles or chapters as regularly as I can.  I will always remember the saying: ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’.  It is good to get your hobby as organized as possible to maximize the fun that you can derive from it.  In a way, your hobby is also a reflection of you and your life. 

In this information age, I feel privileged to share my experiences in collecting toys for the past 11 years with all who are interested.


Juliana Heng 

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